Our Mission

Relentlessly pursue the development of tennis apparel that gives players of all levels a performance advantage on the court.

Our Cause

Helping grow the game we love by donating 10% of profits

NinetyEight6 believes we need to help support and grow the game of tennis. Your purchases enable us to do this. We have committed to donating 10% of our profits to not-for-profit organizations that are helping provide access to and growing our sport, particularly among young people. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions on organizations we should consider.

Tennis Ball Tennis Players Talking
NinetyEight6 Founder

Our Passion

A Tennis Brand by Tennis Players

Tennis is a uniquely challenging sport. To play the game well requires a unique combination of speed, eye/hand coordination, endurance and mental tenacity. Nobody can come in and take your place if you are overheated, lost your focus or are just plain worn out. Traditional tennis apparel soaks-up sweat, gets heavier, binds-up and doesn’t control body temperature.

We have set out to create a line of men’s tennis apparel designed in every way to help you perform better. From the base material we use to help manage skin temperature to the proprietary design that includes both a sweat management and flexibility system, everything we have built into NinetyEight6 is about performance. We want you to play longer, play harder and win more matches.


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